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Discount more then 10% for Zoot Women's Fuzion Sleeveless Wetzoot, Black, Small

Zoot Women's Fuzion Sleeveless Wetzoot, Black, Small

Estimated Price (Before Discount):
$ 275.00

Zoot Women's Fuzion Sleeveless Wetzoot, Black, Small

Low density = maximum buoyancy = More SPEED; Yamamoto SCS finish is one of the most hydrodynamic wetsuit coatings available, reducing the suit's coefficient of friction in the water to .032 (compared to traditional neoprene CoF of 4.0); 3mm thigh and calf panels ensure advanced mobility and easy on and off for fast transitions; Tapered collar lined with SCS smoothskin, features a new lower front to eliminate neck constriction and minimize chafing; Updated cuff construction seals out water and makes for easy on and off; 5mm torso/thighs, 1.5mm sleeves and underarms, 3mm and 4mm legs; Also available in sleeveless

  • 5mm, 4mm, 3mm, 1.5mm Yamamoto #39 SCS Nano, 3mm SCS/250 Nylon lining
  • Rinse your Zoot wetsuit after every use with clean, fresh water. You can hand wash neoprene with wetsuit-specific soap if desired- make sure to use cold water. Hang dry inside-out
  • Yamamoto #39 cell neoprene is the world's most lightweight and low-density rubber, making the suit flexible, buoyant, and durable
  • Wetsuits should never be laundered in a machine. Never use your wetsuit in a chlorinated pool.


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