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Discount more then 10% for Ambient Weather WS-5300 Wireless Home Weather Station

Ambient Weather WS-5300 Wireless Home Weather Station

Estimated Price (Before Discount):
$ 199.00

Ambient Weather WS-5300 Wireless Home Weather Station

All the weather data from the base station and weather history data for the last 24 hours in 3 hour increments.
Rainfall data (inches or millimeters): 1-hour, 24-hour,one week,one month and total since last reset.
Wind chill and Dew point temperature display (°F or °C)
Records min. and max. wind chill and Dew point with time and date stamp
Wind speed (mph, m/s, km/h, knots, Beaufort)
Wind direction display with LCD compass
Weather alarm modes for: a) Temperature b) Humidity c) Wind chill d) Dew point e) Rainfall f) Wind speed g) Storm warning
Wireless outdoor and indoor humidity (% RH)
Records min. and max. humidity with time and date stamp
Wireless outdoor and indoor temperature (°F for

  • The Ambient WS-5300 is a compact, easy to install complete weather station with impressive reliability at a very low cost.
  • This weather station measures wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity (both inside and outside), and rainfall.
  • The weather station?s console displays a wide range of parameters in an easy-to-read format on a large LCD. The attractively thin console can be placed on a desktop or mounted to a wall.
  • Includes All in One sensor array with integrated sensor suite for easy installation.
  • Includes one year factory warranty from Ambient Weather.

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