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Discount more then 10% for Cigar Oasis XL Electronic Cigar Humidifier

Cigar Oasis XL Electronic Cigar Humidifier

Estimated Price (Before Discount):
$ 148.49

Cigar Oasis XL Electronic Cigar Humidifier

"Set It & Forget It" A Truly Fully Automated Humidifier:
Unique sensor measures humidity and microprocessor controller operates a quite fan to circulate humidified air within the humidor to exact desired humidity to within 1% RH. Control unit powered from any wall AC outlet or Battery Operated. Fully Automatic Totally Unattended, Reliable Operation Virtually Maintenance-FreeAccurate Humidity Control with Built In HygrometerIntegral Humidity Indicator Low Water/Battery Indicator Humidifies up to 10 Cubic Feet
Suitable for 50 Count Cigar Humidors and Up Refillable and/or Replacement Water Cartridges AvailableThere is no drilling necessary! The Cigar Oasis's power cord is a paper-thin acrylic ribbon designed to fit snuggly through any humido

  • 2 W x 6 L x 3 1/2 H

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