Jumat, 05 April 2013

Discount more then 10% for FitFlop Women's Hooper Sandal,Black,7 M US

FitFlop Women's Hooper Sandal,Black,7 M US

Estimated Price:
$ 79.95

Meet the irresistible HOOPER - our first ever ADJUSTABLE toe-thong sandal! Blending buttery-soft upper construction with big, bold hoop hardware, it's fresh, fun and casually classy. Built on our ergonomically designed Microwobbleboard midsole.To adjust your Hooper sandals, look for the cleverly concealed Velcro-fastening strap beneath the buckle. Gently pull and adjust to fit your foot.Microwobbleboard technologyFitFlop footwear is built with patent-pending, biomechanically engineered Microwobbleboard midsoles. Originally designed to activate leg muscles more, studies show they also offer excellent shock absorption and instant relief from underfoot pressure.FitFlop footwear has the potential to increase muscle activity duration and workloa

  • Designed to tone muscles


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