Senin, 29 April 2013

Discount more then 10% for Sanuk Men's Vagabond Sandal Shoe,Charcoal,9 M

Sanuk Men's Vagabond Sandal Shoe,Charcoal,9 M

Estimated Price:
$ 59.95

A hybrid shoe/sandal combination featuring a shoe upper on a sandal bottom, the Sanuk Vagabond Sidewalk Surfer for men allows your foot to spread and absorb shock naturally. The "Barefoot Untechnology" sandal bottom allows your foot to bend and flex the way nature designed you to walk, while the loose fitting upper allows your foot to spread, so it can absorb shock naturally. This strengthens small muscles in your foot, which support your arch and encourages you to walk correctly. The canvas upper is distressed around the edges for instant curb appeal with mid-sidewall vent to cool the foot.

  • Soft, molded EVA footbed


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