Rabu, 10 April 2013

Discount more then 10% for Visco-GEL Heel-So-Smooth Heel Sleeves

Visco-GEL Heel-So-Smooth Heel Sleeves

Estimated Price (No Discount):
$ 20.00

Visco-GEL Heel-So-Smooth Heel Sleeves

Wear Visco-GEL Heel-So-Smooth® Heel Sleeves while sleeping or resting to soften dry, cracked, rough heels. The heel area of these innovative sockettes is lined with Visco-GEL that releases mineral oil to repair damaged skin. For an even more intensive treatment, can be used with moisturizing creams. Washable and reusable.

  • Keep heels soft & smooth, eliminate cracks and hard, rough skin
  • Proprietary Visco-Gel┬« lining delivers mineral oil to skin surface to soothe & moisturize
  • Soft fabric is cool, comfortable
  • Use with creams and heel treatments for even faster results
  • Works while you rest or sleep, effective for months


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