Selasa, 28 Mei 2013

Discount more then 10% for Montrail Men's Lithia Flip Sandal,Black,10 M US

Montrail Men's Lithia Flip Sandal,Black,10 M US

Estimated Price:
$ 65.00

The Montrail Men's Lithia Loop Flip is a "before-and-after" recovery flip flop designed to soothe tired and aggravated feet. The soft, dynamic upper strap is comfortable against the skin and incorporates "instep" release for added comfort. The full-length Integra fit footbed geometry provides unsurpassed arch and fascia support. Textured thermo-moldable PRFRM footbed creates a customized fit by conforming to the contour of your foot as you wear it over time. Unlike fashion flip flops, this recovery flip is made with firm arch, fascia, and metatarsal posting configuration on Montrail's PRFRM footbed and midsole which provides "localized" support to rejuvenate the fascia after stress (almost like a massage for your feet). Full-length Gryponit

  • Thermo Moldable foam conforms to your foots unique bone structure for outstanding arch support and full foot comfort
  • Two kinds of posting provide ultimate support and proper recovery
  • Heel post is cradled to support the plantar and control pronation
  • Medial and lateral forefoot posts eliminate motion without sacraficing comfort and flexibility


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